Capture, Share and Manage Expertise

Capture and Share Expertise

Make knowledge and skills easier to document, faster to access

  • Enable the creation and sharing of tips and techniques between and among managers, sales reps, operations teams, administrative staff, and any other specialized role or team within in your organization
  • Take advantage of always-on content creation and learning
  • Help your experts create job-aids in real-time, as they work
  • Make expertise and know-how faster and easier to access, at the point of need
  • Provide just-in-time performance support
  • Reinforce need-to-know information while communicating nice-to-know details
  • Give your team the right information when they need it and where they need it
  • Quickly find and access expert sources
  • Brush-up on skills in your downtime

Include Rich Media Content

Enhance your expertise with any type of media

  • Create job aids as quickly as it takes to write an email or demonstrate a task
  • Use video and audio to capture conversations with experts, record demonstrations, and make solutions to complex and difficult problems easier to understand
  • Use graphics – photos, drawings, charts, and graphs – to bring know-how to life
  • Make content more meaningful and easier to find with tags
  • Find the right information at the time of need with Search
  • Foster micro-learning by sharing information in small chunks. Make it easy for
    people to use by only including the know-how they need.

Gain Insight

See how goals and performance are impacted

  • Uncover knowledge and performance issues before they negatively
    impact the organization
  • Identify your top-experts by seeing who creates the most-used job aids
  • All user activity tracked using xAPI enabling you to analyze the performance support needs of your employees
  • Use tags to organize content
  • Curate the job aids to which users have access
  • See what content is being created and what is being consumed
  • Determine if content in JobAider aligns with performance needs and goals

Extend Your Learning Ecosystem

Your employees can easily share what they know

  • Real-time access to know-how and expertise making it easier to share
  • Supports employee driven learning
  • Gives employees a tool that lets them control their development and performance
  • Extends learning beyond the classroom, desktop, and the LMS by putting know-how in the hands of employees
  • Enables each work experience to be a potential learning experience
  • Supports on-the-go workers

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